The SLoLa project managment group and scientific staff hold regular meetings to ensure that reagents, data and staff move freely amongst the different sites and to plan future work. Meetings have been held at Pirbright (2nd October, 2012), Dundee (1st February, 2013), Edinburgh (29th October, 2013), Liverpool (15th April, 2014) and the next meeting will be in Edinburgh (17th November, 2014).

The first full meeting with our external assessors will take place to co-incide with the Society of General Microbiology meeting in Birmingham (30th March-2nd April, 2015).

Data, FMDV replicon plasmids, cDNA clones, antibodies, cell-types, cell extracts etc. have moved freely between the various sites. Staff have spent periods of work within collaborating laboratories.

Links to the individual laboratories involved are provided below.