Partners: University of St Andrews

Current Staff: Prof. Martin Ryan, Dr. Garry Luke, Dr. Ekaterina Minskiya, Ms. Fiona Tulloch, Mr. John Nicholson and Mr. Ashley Pearson.

Previous Staff: Dr. Uday Pathania.

The Picornavirus Group has worked upon different aspects of picornavirus replication and over the years have published a number of papers with collaborators at the Pirbright Institute. We have utilised our knowledge of how FMDV generates it’s proteins to facilitate major breakthroughs in biomedicine (e.g. human gene therapies, production of induced human pluripotent stem cells) and biotechnology (e.g. transgenic animals, transgenic plants, high-value protein expression). More detailed information on the group’s research areas, research outputs etc. can be viewed on the picornavirus group web pages.

Selected FMDV-related Publications;

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